Wednesday, 17 December 2014

D'Angelo /// Black Messiah

All hail the Black Messiah known as D'Angelo! His eagerly awaited album has dropped and it's gooooood!

I love the album's "loose" feel, all its components flow together beautifully and doesn't overbear the listener. 'Really Love' features classical guitars weaving through a thick, wandering bass line.
'Black Messiah' is an album that celebrates Black music and nods to it's successors, there's hints of Sly & Robbie's 'There's A Riot Goin' On' and shades of Marvin Gaye's 'What's Goin' On.'
I feel the album came out at the right time. The social-political themes of D'Angelo's writing suit the current atmosphere of the black community in America, in fact, it's been mentioned that the riots moved the album's release forward. 
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Monday, 1 December 2014

Thriftworks /// Fadest

Wow, this guy! Thriftworks has gone for the hatrick dropping his 3rd album in the pace of 6 weeks! I know I only posted about him a few weeks back but this guy move faster than I can type! I've only heard 'Pearly Whites' so far but its a majestic, smooth number! I understand what people mean when they say he creates 'vivid soundscapes!'

Big up yourself Thriffy!

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thriftworks /// Fader

33 tracks of pure dopeness from California's Thriftworks! This guy's clearly been hard at work as this is the SECOND album he's dropped this month! Def puts some artists to shame I think!

I'm digging 180, classic Thriftworks!

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Monday, 29 September 2014

Nuage /// Prints Of You

The highly anticipated new LP from Nuage "Prints Of You" has been finally released! Translation Recordings have been tantalising us the past few months with snippets on their Soundcloud and Earmilk recently dropped the premiere for "Waterfalls."

We've been craving this album since day one! Nuage's last release on Translation Recordings was absolute craftsmanship and a delight to listen to. No doubt "Prints Of You" will follow suit.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sinden Presents The Crystal System /// Got Me Moving

Sinden has been making waves in the dance world for some time now. He’s successfully branched out too, now he can call himself a remixer, a producer, a DJ and label boss. If that wasn’t enough, he’s now set his sights on a new pursuit – a side project called Sinden Presents The Crystal System. The project is a collaborative one, with guest musicians, vocalists and remixers.

The latest offering, Got Me Moving features the smooth tones of SYF from Azari & iii. They first met on stage in Tokyo, and shared a similar vision. The track sees Sinden take a new direction - less leftfield, more disco/boogie. Despite it being a slightly odd transition, there are still elements of Sinden’s signature sounds -  bass driven synths, for example.

Make sure you listen to the track below. You can grab the EP on iTunes with three remixes too.

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bear's Den /// Above The Clouds Of Pompeii

Bear’s Den have announced the details of their new single Above The Cloud Of Pompeii out on October 13th. The track is a delicately constructed piece of folk showcasing captivating harmonies and mesmerising acoustics. The track features a banjo and a French horn which only adds to the folk magic. One thing that Bear’s Den have definitely got right is their ability to tell a story. Listen to Above the Clouds Of Pompeii below:

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Little Dragon x Triple J // Like a Version - Millionaire

Swedish electro extraordinaires Little Dragon have covered the huge track ‘Millionaire’, by Kelis and Andre 3000, for Australian radio station Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’. The result is a glorious live performance from the band, with vocalist Yukimi Nagano proving just how versatile and epic her vocal abilities are. 


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Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Garden Twins // Neo-Punk Anarchy

When a band creates their own name for a genre, because nothing in existence fits their mould, we could be looking at Yeezus levels of egomania or something genuinely new. The Garden Twins have dubbed their neo-electro-punk sound 'Vada Vada', and listening to their new track 'Cloak' I kind of agree with the need to call it...something. With the opening vocal gambit sounding like a soundbite from Napoleon Dynamite, the listener is suddenly assaulted with breakbeat-propelled chorus for fans of early Aphex Twin and the Prodigy. Whatever this is, it's engaging. Check out 'Cloak' below.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Black Light White Light "High Like A Hurricane" Set For Release

Black Light White Light are a three piece band that, if you’re a fan of Rock, Indie (with some psychedelic, too) you should be listening to. Their last album “Infrared Daylight” was massive for them and cemented them a position in the Rock world. Growing bigger by the day, they are keeping the ball rolling and have just announced a new single release for June 16 2014 called “High Like A Hurricane” with a B-Side “Sex And Fury”. If you are on the look for something new to listen to, then these guys are where you should start, with enough of a back catalogue to give you something to really dive into. With this in mind, here is a single from their last album to give you a taster. Find the video below for “Higher Than Low”. Their next single “High Like A Hurricane" is set for release June 16 2014.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Robin Romei /// Excitement For Next Release 'VAPOURS'

Brighton based Robin Romei is quickly becoming a larger name on the UK music scene. His sound is that of a dark mix of rock and electro. It seems more people are hearing his name and his fanbase is quickly increasing, he has played some impressive venues around Europe and the U.S., The Whisky a Go Go being a noteable one having made such an impact on so many successful bands careers. His music taps into the ears of a number of different genres. It has enough retro synth sounds and 4 to the floor drum eats to nod your head to as you would to many electronic artists, however, the raw sound of guitars and the integrity of his voice/ lyrics give him an extra depth which flows more into the rock side of things. His last EP "EFFY / (WE ARE) THE UNDERDOGS” solidified his position as a groundbreaking artist with a true talent for song-writing and lyrical capability, so it comes as no surprise that fans are very excited for his next release, ‘VAPOURS’. If VAPOURS is anything as impressive as his previous release he is set for a big year of growth and a huge increase of fans. Word is already going around for VAPOURS so there will be a lot of attention towards its release. The EP is set for release 7 July 2014, it is one to look out for as he is a true talent accessible to the ears of most listeners, no matter what genre you glue yourself to. Find the single 'EFFY' from his November 2013 EP below.

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Then Thickens /// Tiny Legs

Grown from solo project to sextet, Then Thickens gives a good impression with its debut album ´Death Cap At Anglezarke´. This upcoming band combines grunge and pop sounds full of soft harmonies of Jon-Lee Martin and Helen Thorpe. There´s nothing revolutionary in ´Death Cap At Anglezarke´, but it´s a good album with some radio-friendly songs and Then Thickens has definately the potential to become a big name.

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The Roots /// Album Artwork Reveal

The Roots 11th studio album ‘And Then You Shoot Your Cousin’ now has some artwork to sit alongside it. The album is set for release the 20th May. They released “When The People Cheer” last month to give a taster of the new album. The track is a real refreshing hear if you’re a fan of hip-hop. Sticking to the true, original culture of the genre it is built from rusty sounding vinyl drums, a melodic piano sample and strung together but the globally recognised hip-hop flow of The Roots.

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Fujiya & Miyagi /// Artificial Sweeteners

Despite the name, Fujiya & Miyagi isn't a Japanese duo but a trio from Brighton.  It has been three years since their last album ´Ventriloquizzing´ but the sound hasn´t changed much in their newest album ´Artificial Sweeteners´. Fujiya & Miyagi´s roots are in krautrock and the album has a lot of influences from bands like Neu! and Kraftwerk.  The single ´Flaws´ makes you want to hit the dance floor straight away but loses its interest towards the end.  Being two minutes shorter ´Flaws´ would be a great song, but now, it repeats itself too much and I am not a big fan of fading outs.

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