Friday, 7 December 2018

Felsmann and Tiley present their latest song 'Tempora'

German ambient-synth composers Felsmann + Tiley present their latest and most compelling piece of work to date, Tempora; a uniquely atmospheric twelve part experience with each track encompassing on a month of the year. Covering January throughout December, the brand new LP was released on Thursday, December 6th by the duo's own imprint Rare Ware Co., an entity specifically conceived to boost and encourage other artists who use synthesizers as a sole alternative.

Born Patrick Tiley and Dominik Felsmann, their musical endeavour best known as Felsmann + Tiley collectively share a true passion for film composition, contemporary piano arrangements and experimental electronic music. Inspired by the genre-bent contemporary electronic work of artists and similarly like-minded composers from Nils Frahm to Deadmau5, and Stephan Bodzin to Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, most famously known for their work on the sci-fi TV series Stranger Things. Although difficult to describe in a single statement, their unorthodox blend of classical arrangements, electronic composition and sound design, Felsmann + Tiley's distinctive sound and ethereal music could be best likened to film composers such as Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Ex Machina, Annihilation) or Alexandre Desplat (The Shape of Water) for their ability to create immersive, cinematically engaging walls of sound.

Felsmann + Tiley's latest LP Tempora completely lives up to this notion and exceeds expectation beyond its wildest limits. The album as a whole weighs in like a crushing, cosmic symphony of the future, "January" opens melodically, weaving into sparse and atmospheric walls of bliss, much like "February", arpeggio sections, chimes and herculean bass textures glisten and glide throughout "March", "April" and "May". While "June" throughout "August" shifts through aural twilight; bending siren-esque warnings, delicate heartbeat thumps and celestial swells, all fuse together to create an inescapable hypnotic breach across distant galaxies. "September" and "October" recall blasts of atmosphere, as stars collide and astral dust settles, while "November", mellisonant in nature, summons deepening depths as "December's" haunting ambience serves as an exceptional close to the extraterrestrial curtain of Tempora's undeniable ability to balance the universe in perfect harmony and twin unison.

Stream Tempora LP by Felsmann + Tiley in it's entirety below -

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Created Exclusively From Sounds And Games Of The PS1, Listen To A Music Mix Of 'Playstation Wave'

There's a wave version of almost anything these days. Just look at the popularity of Simpsonswave. Playstationwave is music created using samples and snippets from Playstation 1's games and the console itself. The mix itself is quite haunting in certain aspects and truly captures the emotional nostalgia tied to these games. 

See below for a tracklist of the games used as well as the artists who created the songs around it:
00:00 glimmerxp - ps1 dreams 2001 (playstation)
02:13 jonathan joestar - sniper wolf (metal gear solid)
05:03 bradendj - hydro thunder (hydro thunder)
08:11 shampoogod - maxi (soul caliber)
11:20 flowed - dreams+ (final fantasy)
15:07 psychosis - heartless (kingdom hearts)
19:14 psychosis - xiii (final fantasy)
22:27 shampoogod - akiyama (yakuza)
25:45 k yoshida - dream drift (ridge racer)
29:09 s?ecial k - aya brea (parasite eve)
30:36 jonathan joestar - sagat (street fighter)
33:37 s?ecia k - save room (resident evil)
35:03 naive - dreamer (chrono cross)
37:05 wxxds - kingudamu hatsu (kingdom hearts)
40:19 glimmerxp - ps2 holy grail(playstation)

Listen to 40 minutes of p l a y s at a t i o n w a v e below:
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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Øfdream, releases an ethereal remix of Verasect’s song ‘Catch Your Breath’

The wave music community is extremely supportive and always aims to help new artists grow. One of the pioneers of the genre, Øfdream, is no exception. Adored by fans and producers alike, he has widespread appeal from critics and music lovers alike. He decided to present the world with his rendition of Verasect’s glitchy track, ‘Catch Your Breath’, released via Terminal Blue Records

The name Verasect rolls beautifully off the tongue, and is a name that alludes to the depth and intelligence of not only the musician himself, but also that of the music. The name was inspired by the Latin phrase “Veraciter Sectari”, which translates to “hunt the truth”, a fitting name for music that produces an unparallelled honesty and rawness for the listener.

Not too long ago, we posted about Verasect’s track ‘Catch Your Breath’. You can read our thoughts here.

Øfdream’s ethereal version of Verasect’s track, ‘Catch Your Breath’, transforms the track into a dreamy textured soundscape that’s bound to draw any listener in on the first go. Emotional and euphoric at times, Øfdream’s production talent is a masterclass of deep wave music. Haunting vocals, smooth basslines and a celestial presence, the remix of ‘Catch Your Breath’ is a true testament to the undeniable talent of Øfdream’s creative psyche. 

On his remix of Verasect’s “Catch Your Breath”, Øfdream comments, “This was an interesting track to do a remix on, I liked the vibe and space of the vocals and the dark production, this was an interesting bpm for me and think the remix turned out to be quite unique. I love collaborating, it brings a lot to my work and helps me to find many inspiration. Cooperation remains the best thing in art.”

Listen to Verasect - Catch Your Breath (Øfdream Remix) beow:

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Yerbownik Shares An Atmospheric Excursion Through The Unknown In Her latest Track 'DRAIN'

Wave producer yerbownik shares a crushingly gorgeous sci-fi-esque single titled 'DRAIN', filled with bouncing arp synths and quivering, solid basslines and tight percussive beats - immersing one under the dark depths of the ocean, only to emerge strident and fearless throughout animated breaks and. its throughout the sheer illumination of contrasting instruments, even touching on lush piano lines to drive this engulfing experience further, and further, down the rabbit hole.

Stream 'DRAIN' by yerbownik below -

Support yerbownik and download 'DRAIN' for FREE via The Artist Union
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Friday, 26 October 2018

Mannequin Presents An Alluring Glacia Cut Via YUME Collective titled ''Ausgang''

Recently featured on long-time loyal wave channel the_accidental_poet, producer Mannequin (formerly known as Donny Hills), presents an alluring glacial cut via YUME Collective titled "Ausgang"; the track is an atmospheric, percussive piece of bliss, carved from the mind of this rising producer's psyche and creative outbursts. Solid basslines meander through fluttered synthesisers and concise beats while floating, processed vocals linger atop these darkened auras creating a nail biting ride.

Stream "Ausgang" by Mannequin below -

For more information follow YUME Collective on SoundCloud
[Image credit: Kix Navidad]
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Soul Island, shares a glitchy video for his debut track, ‘Ocean’

‘Ocean’, the debut single from Italian electro-pop producer, Soul Island, officially has a music video now as shared by the up and coming artist. The video is a glitchy visualisation that carries the viewer from cyber-landscapes to matrix-like visuals of Soul Island’s lyrics portrayed over computer generated images. 

Born and raised in Lecce, the south of Italy, Daniele grew up widely immersed in the local DIY punk and hardcore scenes, before eventually picking up a guitar and taking on vocal duties for a few underground acts, namely his band Room 104, who in 2000, released a 7 inch split collaboration vinyl with another local band, Suburban Noise titled “El sonido de la ciento y cuatro” which propelled them into the now mainstream emo culture.

After moving to Bologna for study purposes, Daniele would soon form the trio Thousands Millions, merging his ‘90s music background with the rediscovery of power-pop acts from the ‘70s onwards. Along with the ‘60s inspired beat flavour brought on by drummer Federico Vaglio and bass player Massimiliano Giannuzzi (with whom he also formed the duo Kulledge), the band's sound carries a peculiar electronic and alternative footprint inherited by Daniele’s initial experimentations. Thousands Millions went on to release a demo EP and two records for Wynona Records and Tannen Records respectively, after a slow dissolution with Daniele moving to London in 2010 to collaborate and tour with a number of projects and bands. While in London, Daniele worked with Echopark on their 2013 album 'Trees', and folk band Girl With The Gun on 'Ages' 2014, among others. In 2015, the track 'Mother' was released by Bad Panda and the project Soul Island officially started.

The track is a catchy synth-wave influenced track reminiscent of sounds from the 80s and swooping chords. A pulsating beat drives the track throughout as the listener can’t help but be entrenched by this beautifully layered piece of production. While the track may not be true wave, I do like to believe that in the event that wave travels into the mainstream, that it would start creeping into tracks the same way 'Ocean' does. We’re pretty excited to see what the future holds for Soul Island, as this is a very strong start!

Watch Soul Island - Ocean here: 

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Anna B May shares a tribulation to "October" with an atmospheric wave-inspired venture

Ambient, chill and downtempo producer Anna B May releases a chilling wave-inspired tribute to this month, simply titled "October".

The track is sure-fire journey through atmosphere and texture-centred with shimmering, mesmerising synths and rolling percussion beneath Anna's use of choppy, processed vocal production. A melancholic, yet somehow relentless tribute to the month of October, Anna's skills shine bright on this solid body of work drenched in solid production and illuminating auras.

Stream "October " by Anna B May below -

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[Image credit: Rob Potter]
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Nathin presents a hard-hitting wave cut featuring vocalist 'Kye Kye'

Wave, trap and experimental electronic producer Nathin releases "I'll Never Walk Away" ft. vocals supplied by kye kye. Presented by respectable Wave channel FOMH, the track is an energetic experiment blending, bass, wave and trap inspired elements into one explosive experience. Vocalist kye kye expresses this notion further with her hauntingly smooth presentation; all chopped and processed underneath blasts of heavy bass and spirit-soaked textures.

Stream "I'll Never Walk Away" by Nathin below -

Download "I'll Never Walk Away" by Nathin
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Friday, 19 October 2018

Sorsari, drops a massive new track , ‘Monster’, days ahead of the new EP

Canadian wave producer, Sorsari, shared a brand new track, ‘Monster’ from his upcoming EP, ‘Patterns’ set to be released on the 30th of October via Recordings. The EP  is composed, mixed and produced by Sorsari himself and mastered by notable wave producer, Guilt Chip, who is also part of Recordings. One of the more notable wave producers of our time, the new EP has been highly anticipated, but for now, let’s revel in the beauty that is ‘Monster’.

Hailing from Edmonton in Canada, Sorsari was born as Alex Jensen and grew up listening to the electronic music of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He began his music career when a friend send him a copy of FL Studio and he immediately fell in love with making electronic music of his own. Even before Sorsari adopted his current moniker, he was immersed in the world of music. Initially exploring his own sound and creating a blend of dubstep, EDM and trap, Sorsari began to open for acts like Feed Me, Flux Pavilion, Downlink, Kozee, Gemini and Eskmo, to name a few, and collaborated with UK dance music group LMC. Also cutting his teeth on local festivals and Canadian events, it wasn’t long before Sorsari found his signature chilled-out wave sound and got the attention of music giants in the wave scene.

Sorsari’s first single from the upcoming EP, ‘Patterns’, is aptly titled. ‘Monster’ is massive, aggressive and demands your attention as it enlarges with each surpassing second. Mysterious, yet in your face, Sorsari did not hold back with this release.
Making us wonder... what’s he hiding on the new EP? Either way, he has our attention as we eagerly count down the days until the release of ‘Patterns’ on the 30th of October.

Sorsari commented on ‘Monster’: “It’s my take on a what a higher energy wave track means to me, the vocal called out for a bigger sound so I tried to approach it with a mentality that would suit a club or festival environment.  It’s a nice hybrid between 808s and reese play for the sets.

‘Patterns’ EP Tracklist
1. Dreamers 
2. Will We Ever
3. Monster
4. Patterns
5. Flayed
6. The Great Construct
7. Closing The Tesseract
8. The Great Construct (Deadcrow Remix)

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Friday, 5 October 2018

[PREMIERE] Memphis Shares A Brand New Orchestral Wave Track; ‘POSEIDON’

Toronto-based wave musician Memphis. has always immersed himself in music. Using this passion, Memphis. has honed his craft and now brings us an exclusive, haunting and emotive wave track. Released on The Playground, Memphis. shared a godly new track, 'POSEIDON'.

Wave music has been on the rise recently and it’s one close-knit community of producers sharing each other's work across channels. It’s truly a supportive community. Memphis. Is no exception, as he forms part of a couple of wave collectives, namely Sekai Collective, VIOLET TIDES and Restricted Collective

Memphis.’ track, ‘POSEIDON’ offers a deep bass-filled emotional journey filled with strings and that ever present bassline. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, this track will engulf you in an ocean of wave. 

Listen to Memphis. - POSEIDON here:
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Friday, 21 September 2018

Whitewildbear shares her vocal centered song 'Run Away'

Russian electronic and wave producer Whitewildbear graces us with a nearly-lost, textured, vocal-centered single titled "Run Away" filled to then brim with spacey-samples, emotive melodies and solid beat construction.

Stream "Run Away" by Whitewildbear below -

Commenting on the single via his Bandcamp page, Whitewildbear states: "My computer broke down, I lost all my projects-tracks, I'm very upset .. Until the last moment I did not want to exhibit this track, because it will remain as it is, I decided to share with you, so that's preserved. Only two tracks, I managed to save, one of them, I can still finish, and I like this track and so, maybe you will like it. thank you in. Yours faithfully WWB"

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  [Image credit: Andrew Spencer]
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Monday, 3 September 2018

Monomi introduces yet another textural wave track "Empress"

Seattle-based electronic producer Monomi drops atmospheric wave crush titled "Empress" on September 1st, leading wondrous ongoing singles self-released on a regular basis, the single was also featured on beloved channel the_accidental_poet.

The producer's latest is a textural, organically submerged crashing wave-experience ripe with blissed-out vocal manipulation, throbbing basslines, arpeggio synths and a whirlwind of percussive drops, spacey atmospheres and all-round solid production.

Stream "Empress" by Monomi below - Follow and support Monomi on Soundcloud / Twitter
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Friday, 17 August 2018

Verasect drops his latest new track 'Catch Your Breath'

Verasect has just dropped the second single from his upcoming album ‘Sleep Stories’, which is scheduled to be released September 28. This time, the talented darkwave DJ and producer has teamed up with indie-pop star Dominique for the vocals in the latest single, ‘Catch Your Breath’. On board for the mixing and mastering of the entirety of Verasect’s soon to be released album is Dave ‘Rave’ Ogilvie (Tool, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson), as well as award-winning Pete Lyman (FKA Twigs, Lykke Li, Banks, St. Vincent), respectively. It’s no wonder every track we’ve heard so far oozes with an infectious industrial synth sound. ‘Catch Your Breath’ is no exception.

Verasect’s newest single immediately grabs the listener’s attention with glitch-infused industria, which contrasts beautifully with Dominique’s pure vocals. There’s a gorgeously haunting synth melody that takes over in the bridge of the song which builds into a wall of overwhelming bass and reverberating synthpads paired with Dominique’s moodily delivered vocals, until the track comes to a halt. Drawing on classic gothic industrial music but keeping his approach modern and accessible, Verasect is taking darkwave to a whole new level. 

Listen to the new single from Verasect ‘Catch Your Breath’ below.
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Wednesday, 8 August 2018

[PREMIERE] Fate releases a dark dystopian wave track '2077'.

FATE is currently having a very busy year, with multiple releases under his belt including his debut EP Pathways earlier in the year as well as another EP, A Place Below which was released in July. The 22 year old electronic producer dropped a brand new track, ‘2077’, on The Playground today, and it’s his darkest and most aggressive yet. 

His music can best be described as emotionally driven, bass heavy and dark to its core. This new release ‘2077’ is no exception, as it paints a dystopian soundscape of a future overridden by crime and deep bass. You can hear lots of different sound effects used from pouring rain, bellowing thunder, creeping police sirens, bustling city streets and even the occasional ominous wind blowing through the streets of the track. ‘2077’ is a masterful work of creating a visual atmosphere by only using audio effects. 

One thing is clear, whether the future is the dystopian landscape imagined in ‘2077’ or not, either way, we’re glad FATE is here to provide the soundtrack.

Check the premiere of FATE - 2077 here via WaveGROUND:
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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

ÆSTRAL drops a powerful new track 'RunAway'

German producer ÆSTRAL has released an exquisitely huge Wave cut titled 'runaway'. The track is a pulse heavy, deep-bass and beat driven venture through dream-induced sunsets. Featuring elements of Trap and synth-drenched composition, 'runaway' is a surefire and unforgettable body of work, encompassing on ÆSTRAL's ability to mesmerise and entrance. Steam 'runaway' by ÆSTRAL below -
Commenting on the single, ÆSTRAL says: "'runaway' tells a story of a loner - emotions contained in this track should talk for themselves." Order 'runaway' single by ÆSTRAL For more information follow ÆSTRAL on Facebook

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Friday, 13 July 2018

Musician Daniel Deluxe announces his biggest tour, 'Loved To Death'.

Daniel Deluxe has been in the synthwave scene since 2013 and has since become a staple of the scene. With his dark imagery, hard-hitting basslines and masterful use of synthesizers, he has had multiple hits within wave music. His album, Corruptor, has gone on to be the base of any respected wave music artist’s setlist. 

Daniel Deluxe, inspired by retro video games, horror movies and anime, has announced the Loved To Death tour. It’s a massive tour consisting of most of the United States of America and it's the biggest undertaking he’s ever done. 

With a poster featuring horror icon, Nosferatu, be prepared to wear your retro clothes, as you’ll want to spill some blood to attend this.

Listen to 'Territory' from Daniel Deluxe to get you in the mood:
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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

In Conversation With American Record Producer, Barnacle Boi

Ian Oliver, aka Barnacle Boi, is an American record producer, DJ, vocalist, and visual artist based on the East Coast. Barnacle Boi developed his production style during his few years living in Denver, Colorado and has stuck with it ever since. He is known for his original work, as well as his production for artists such as Bones (TeamSESH), Holly Stell, Madi Larson, and more. He has received support and recognition from Alice Glass (former frontwoman of  the well-known electronic duo "Crystal Castles"), Finn Wolfhard of the Netflix series "Stranger Things", and various other musicians/celebrities. Many of Barnacle Boi's releases have included remixes of early 90's/2000's classic hits such as "All The Things She Said" by tAtU, "Youth of the Nation" by POD, "Crawling" by Linkin Park, "I Miss You" by Blink 182, and more. His style is best described as emotional, yet bass-heavy, nostalgic/atmospheric trap music.

The American artists releases tunes on a regular basis. The minute we found 'Run Away', we contacted Barnacle Boi to ask him a few questions. Enjoy our interview with him.

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?
I would probably describe my music best as emotional, bass-heavy, atmospheric/nostalgic trap

Which three albums have influenced you the most creatively?
I'd have to say the Crystal Castles debut album, lil peep's "crybaby" album, and Lorn's "The Maze to Nowhere, Part 2" have inspired me the most.

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?
Honestly, I get inspiration at random times. However, I'm up at around 6am basically every day devoting myself to producing music until the evening unless I have other plans. As far as the construction process goes, I like to either start with a bass melody or drums/percussion. From there I build synths, pads, atmospheres, and the rest depends on my workflow with the project.

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, which do you prefer?
I love both. My heart is with the creative process but there isn't a more comfortable feeling than being on stage performing for a large audience. There's no way I could choose one over the other, haha.

Any new artists on your radar?
Oh yeah. Lots of homies. Gunkst, Kases, Bogart, Milky.WAV, Mrkryl, Jvwes, Brothel, Drivvin, Stuicide... the list could go on, haha.

What has been your most memorable performance so far?
My most memorable performance took place in Charlotte December 30th of 2017. I played for a crowd of thousands of people at The Fillmore and was one of the greatest moments of my career.

And which performance would you prefer to forget?
There was this regional festival that I used to play back around 2011 or so and it was very disorganized, found out I was getting ripped off on my pay, and my music "had to get turned down" halfway through my set because "the police came and told the soundguy to". Definitely wouldn't want to relive that ever again, ha.

If you could collaborate with, or perform alongside any artist, who would it be? And why?
If I could collaborate with any artist right now, it would probably be Clams Casino. I say this because we have a very similar feel to our music, but we also have our uniqueness. I've looked up to him for a while now and many people think my style resembles his in a way.

Tell us about any upcoming shows or releases you have in the pipeline.
I'm working on my debut album "Introspect" right now and plan on releasing it later this year. I have some unannounced shows in the works but until then I'm locking myself in the studio.

Famous last words....
love u

Thanks! Love you too for taking your time to conduct this interview with us. All the best for your upcoming shows & releases. We hope to hear from you again!

For more tunes & information, make sure you visit and follow Barnacle Boi

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Friday, 11 May 2018

Interview With Music Producer Eurowave

Eurowave, a passionate producer and artist using music to express himself as an individual: "I hope to bring you musical content you will all enjoy."

We found Eurowave's newest production 'Elexir (feat. Unnholy)' and wanted to get in contact with him by the shortest route. Read below for some insights about the upcoming Wave artist:

To those not familiar with you, how would you describe your sound?
The sound I gravitate towards is Wave music. A genre who's roots come from a great variety of genres such as grime, dubstep, Witch House, House and Trap; together these would eventually create what is now called Wave. The sound usually consists of a reese bass which is one of the main musical components of Wave. My sounds usually consists of atmospheric pads and synths which may convey a sci-fi like feel to the music while the trap style drums give it more zest and feel. I try to convey emotion and feeling through my music. I want people to be able to make their own interpretation of the music and the idea or message behind it. My sounds vary a lot, whether it be a unique and different experimental style, or a very atmospheric and spacey track.

How did it all start for you?
It all started when I first listened to wave music back in high school. The sound, the raw emotion and feeling as well the sounds themselves immediately caught my attention. After a couple months of listening more and more, I decided I wanted to produce and make wave sounds of my own. I wanted to express myself as an individual, to share my sounds with others just as passionate about the craft. I taught myself how to produce and quickly picked up the basics and foundations. With time, hard work, and the feedback of some great people, I eventually got better, and here I am now. I still have much to learn and am always looking forward to learning more in order to keep progressing.

Before getting to your newest tune, let's share an old project with 'WRCKTNGL':

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting your music together?
I do not have any particular steps when it comes to the production process of my tracks. When producing I usually start off by thinking of a style, idea, emotion, or genre that I may want to evoke. I follow it up with picking out a bpm fit for the specific kind of music I want to create. Next I usually like to find one or two synths, plucks or pads that I like, then write out a melody. Once I have layered melodies I like to add my bass and finish with the drums. I usually leave the mixing process for the end, although I like to try and keep the track as clean as possible throughout the entire process.

Are there any key pieces of equipment that you can't live without?
Some essential pieces of equipment for me are: My midi keyboard as it facilitates the overall production process and improves workflow. My Razer mouse, my laptop, and my speakers! That's all there is to it!

What are some of your key influences in your music? Whether it be the sound created by others, imagery, films or any kind of art form.
Some of my biggest influences in music would be: Klimeks, Head of Wavemob and pioneer of wave music; the prodigious quality of his sound and his unique style always gives the listeners a one of a kind experience, his creations flow seamlessly. I absolutely love Noah B, a top notch producer; his beautiful and atmospheric melodies as well as masterful drum work come together beautifully, making some amazing tracks well worth listening to. Another big influence of mine would be Kareful, director of Liquid Ritual, a talented producer who has done a tremendous amount for the wave scene. I remember listening to his music before starting to produce myself; his track "Remember this if anything" will forever be one of my favorite tunes. Lastly, Backwhenn, his "phonk" inspired me to mix old school memphis rap with wave music.

What is your opinion regarding the difference between old school DJing, where everything was restricted to vinyl, and modern DJing where most tracks are never put on any physical medium before or after release?
This topic is highly debatable, although I will say this: I believe the old school Dj's were the "real" dj's. Back in old school DJing every underground track came out on vinyl. The positive aspect regarding Digital DJing is that, one, no more records popping, two, it is far easier, making it possible for almost anyone to pick up DJing quite fast and with ease. On the other hand, even though mixing vinyl isn't incredibly hard, it would probably take a even a person with innate talent a good thousand hours or so before being able to go through records hit record and show it to their fans or friends. In the end, digital DJing doesn't quite have the same magic as old school vinyl DJing.

Let's give Eurowave's newest tune 'Elixir feat. Unholy' a listen

What is one sub-genre you think doesn't get the attention it deserves?
I believe a sub-genre that deserves more attention is Wave. There are many extremely talented artists pushing the boundaries of music in Wave. The community is quite inclusive, it is very positive and supportive when it comes to spreading each others music, giving critical feedback and helping each other grow.

Any new or upcoming artists on your radar?
Some upcoming artists who have caught my attention are: "Changa" from the U.K, "UNNHOLY" from Poland, "Loneliness" from Russia and "Outsidr" from the U.K as well!
What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

Jeff Mills is quoted as saying: "This music isn’t for followers, its for innovators. Its truly the music of the future, it has no boundaries, no structures, and it can go as fast as time goes." What are your thoughts on this statement?
I believe he is absolutely right. We as artists involved in the wave scene are not making music specifically fit for audiences or mass appeal. This music is indeed for innovators, for producers who want to push the boundaries of sound. The loose and formula free experience permits artists to be as creative as possible with their sounds, which makes for some truly interesting and beautiful tracks. Wave music is the music of the future.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any upcoming projects or gigs in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?
Some of my upcoming projects include more wave tracks, some new collaborations, and will soon be starting a new House music side project.

That sounds great! We hope to hear more about you and your music soon! Thank you for your time to conduct this interview with us. We wish you all the best for your future. 

For more information, visit and follow Eurowave on his social media channels

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Six Synthwave Tracks You Need To Hear

"/sɪnθ/ (noun informal) short for synthesizer."

"Pure Wave" - Makeup & Vanity Set (via Data Airlines)

"Eva" -  Burning Tapes (via Burning Witches Records)

“Power Flux” - Binary Coda (via Escape Everything)

"Midnight Rendez-Vous ft. French Fox" - Das Mörtal (via Lisbon Lux Records)

"Taken" - Mitch Murder (via Rosso Corsa Records)

"She’s An Adult" - Dead Husband (via Idol Patterns)

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