Friday, 21 September 2018

Whitewildbear shares her vocal centered song 'Run Away'

Russian electronic and wave producer Whitewildbear graces us with a nearly-lost, textured, vocal-centered single titled "Run Away" filled to then brim with spacey-samples, emotive melodies and solid beat construction.

Stream "Run Away" by Whitewildbear below -

Commenting on the single via his Bandcamp page, Whitewildbear states: "My computer broke down, I lost all my projects-tracks, I'm very upset .. Until the last moment I did not want to exhibit this track, because it will remain as it is, I decided to share with you, so that's preserved. Only two tracks, I managed to save, one of them, I can still finish, and I like this track and so, maybe you will like it. thank you in. Yours faithfully WWB"

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  [Image credit: Andrew Spencer]
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Monday, 3 September 2018

Monomi introduces yet another textural wave track "Empress"

Seattle-based electronic producer Monomi drops atmospheric wave crush titled "Empress" on September 1st, leading wondrous ongoing singles self-released on a regular basis, the single was also featured on beloved channel the_accidental_poet.

The producer's latest is a textural, organically submerged crashing wave-experience ripe with blissed-out vocal manipulation, throbbing basslines, arpeggio synths and a whirlwind of percussive drops, spacey atmospheres and all-round solid production.

Stream "Empress" by Monomi below - Follow and support Monomi on Soundcloud / Twitter
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