Friday, 26 October 2018

Mannequin Presents An Alluring Glacia Cut Via YUME Collective titled ''Ausgang''

Recently featured on long-time loyal wave channel the_accidental_poet, producer Mannequin (formerly known as Donny Hills), presents an alluring glacial cut via YUME Collective titled "Ausgang"; the track is an atmospheric, percussive piece of bliss, carved from the mind of this rising producer's psyche and creative outbursts. Solid basslines meander through fluttered synthesisers and concise beats while floating, processed vocals linger atop these darkened auras creating a nail biting ride.

Stream "Ausgang" by Mannequin below -

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[Image credit: Kix Navidad]
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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Soul Island, shares a glitchy video for his debut track, ‘Ocean’

‘Ocean’, the debut single from Italian electro-pop producer, Soul Island, officially has a music video now as shared by the up and coming artist. The video is a glitchy visualisation that carries the viewer from cyber-landscapes to matrix-like visuals of Soul Island’s lyrics portrayed over computer generated images. 

Born and raised in Lecce, the south of Italy, Daniele grew up widely immersed in the local DIY punk and hardcore scenes, before eventually picking up a guitar and taking on vocal duties for a few underground acts, namely his band Room 104, who in 2000, released a 7 inch split collaboration vinyl with another local band, Suburban Noise titled “El sonido de la ciento y cuatro” which propelled them into the now mainstream emo culture.

After moving to Bologna for study purposes, Daniele would soon form the trio Thousands Millions, merging his ‘90s music background with the rediscovery of power-pop acts from the ‘70s onwards. Along with the ‘60s inspired beat flavour brought on by drummer Federico Vaglio and bass player Massimiliano Giannuzzi (with whom he also formed the duo Kulledge), the band's sound carries a peculiar electronic and alternative footprint inherited by Daniele’s initial experimentations. Thousands Millions went on to release a demo EP and two records for Wynona Records and Tannen Records respectively, after a slow dissolution with Daniele moving to London in 2010 to collaborate and tour with a number of projects and bands. While in London, Daniele worked with Echopark on their 2013 album 'Trees', and folk band Girl With The Gun on 'Ages' 2014, among others. In 2015, the track 'Mother' was released by Bad Panda and the project Soul Island officially started.

The track is a catchy synth-wave influenced track reminiscent of sounds from the 80s and swooping chords. A pulsating beat drives the track throughout as the listener can’t help but be entrenched by this beautifully layered piece of production. While the track may not be true wave, I do like to believe that in the event that wave travels into the mainstream, that it would start creeping into tracks the same way 'Ocean' does. We’re pretty excited to see what the future holds for Soul Island, as this is a very strong start!

Watch Soul Island - Ocean here: 

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Anna B May shares a tribulation to "October" with an atmospheric wave-inspired venture

Ambient, chill and downtempo producer Anna B May releases a chilling wave-inspired tribute to this month, simply titled "October".

The track is sure-fire journey through atmosphere and texture-centred with shimmering, mesmerising synths and rolling percussion beneath Anna's use of choppy, processed vocal production. A melancholic, yet somehow relentless tribute to the month of October, Anna's skills shine bright on this solid body of work drenched in solid production and illuminating auras.

Stream "October " by Anna B May below -

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[Image credit: Rob Potter]
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Nathin presents a hard-hitting wave cut featuring vocalist 'Kye Kye'

Wave, trap and experimental electronic producer Nathin releases "I'll Never Walk Away" ft. vocals supplied by kye kye. Presented by respectable Wave channel FOMH, the track is an energetic experiment blending, bass, wave and trap inspired elements into one explosive experience. Vocalist kye kye expresses this notion further with her hauntingly smooth presentation; all chopped and processed underneath blasts of heavy bass and spirit-soaked textures.

Stream "I'll Never Walk Away" by Nathin below -

Download "I'll Never Walk Away" by Nathin
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Friday, 19 October 2018

Sorsari, drops a massive new track , ‘Monster’, days ahead of the new EP

Canadian wave producer, Sorsari, shared a brand new track, ‘Monster’ from his upcoming EP, ‘Patterns’ set to be released on the 30th of October via Recordings. The EP  is composed, mixed and produced by Sorsari himself and mastered by notable wave producer, Guilt Chip, who is also part of Recordings. One of the more notable wave producers of our time, the new EP has been highly anticipated, but for now, let’s revel in the beauty that is ‘Monster’.

Hailing from Edmonton in Canada, Sorsari was born as Alex Jensen and grew up listening to the electronic music of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He began his music career when a friend send him a copy of FL Studio and he immediately fell in love with making electronic music of his own. Even before Sorsari adopted his current moniker, he was immersed in the world of music. Initially exploring his own sound and creating a blend of dubstep, EDM and trap, Sorsari began to open for acts like Feed Me, Flux Pavilion, Downlink, Kozee, Gemini and Eskmo, to name a few, and collaborated with UK dance music group LMC. Also cutting his teeth on local festivals and Canadian events, it wasn’t long before Sorsari found his signature chilled-out wave sound and got the attention of music giants in the wave scene.

Sorsari’s first single from the upcoming EP, ‘Patterns’, is aptly titled. ‘Monster’ is massive, aggressive and demands your attention as it enlarges with each surpassing second. Mysterious, yet in your face, Sorsari did not hold back with this release.
Making us wonder... what’s he hiding on the new EP? Either way, he has our attention as we eagerly count down the days until the release of ‘Patterns’ on the 30th of October.

Sorsari commented on ‘Monster’: “It’s my take on a what a higher energy wave track means to me, the vocal called out for a bigger sound so I tried to approach it with a mentality that would suit a club or festival environment.  It’s a nice hybrid between 808s and reese play for the sets.

‘Patterns’ EP Tracklist
1. Dreamers 
2. Will We Ever
3. Monster
4. Patterns
5. Flayed
6. The Great Construct
7. Closing The Tesseract
8. The Great Construct (Deadcrow Remix)

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Friday, 5 October 2018

[PREMIERE] Memphis Shares A Brand New Orchestral Wave Track; ‘POSEIDON’

Toronto-based wave musician Memphis. has always immersed himself in music. Using this passion, Memphis. has honed his craft and now brings us an exclusive, haunting and emotive wave track. Released on The Playground, Memphis. shared a godly new track, 'POSEIDON'.

Wave music has been on the rise recently and it’s one close-knit community of producers sharing each other's work across channels. It’s truly a supportive community. Memphis. Is no exception, as he forms part of a couple of wave collectives, namely Sekai Collective, VIOLET TIDES and Restricted Collective

Memphis.’ track, ‘POSEIDON’ offers a deep bass-filled emotional journey filled with strings and that ever present bassline. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, this track will engulf you in an ocean of wave. 

Listen to Memphis. - POSEIDON here:
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