Thursday, 15 November 2018

Øfdream, releases an ethereal remix of Verasect’s song ‘Catch Your Breath’

The wave music community is extremely supportive and always aims to help new artists grow. One of the pioneers of the genre, Øfdream, is no exception. Adored by fans and producers alike, he has widespread appeal from critics and music lovers alike. He decided to present the world with his rendition of Verasect’s glitchy track, ‘Catch Your Breath’, released via Terminal Blue Records

The name Verasect rolls beautifully off the tongue, and is a name that alludes to the depth and intelligence of not only the musician himself, but also that of the music. The name was inspired by the Latin phrase “Veraciter Sectari”, which translates to “hunt the truth”, a fitting name for music that produces an unparallelled honesty and rawness for the listener.

Not too long ago, we posted about Verasect’s track ‘Catch Your Breath’. You can read our thoughts here.

Øfdream’s ethereal version of Verasect’s track, ‘Catch Your Breath’, transforms the track into a dreamy textured soundscape that’s bound to draw any listener in on the first go. Emotional and euphoric at times, Øfdream’s production talent is a masterclass of deep wave music. Haunting vocals, smooth basslines and a celestial presence, the remix of ‘Catch Your Breath’ is a true testament to the undeniable talent of Øfdream’s creative psyche. 

On his remix of Verasect’s “Catch Your Breath”, Øfdream comments, “This was an interesting track to do a remix on, I liked the vibe and space of the vocals and the dark production, this was an interesting bpm for me and think the remix turned out to be quite unique. I love collaborating, it brings a lot to my work and helps me to find many inspiration. Cooperation remains the best thing in art.”

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Yerbownik Shares An Atmospheric Excursion Through The Unknown In Her latest Track 'DRAIN'

Wave producer yerbownik shares a crushingly gorgeous sci-fi-esque single titled 'DRAIN', filled with bouncing arp synths and quivering, solid basslines and tight percussive beats - immersing one under the dark depths of the ocean, only to emerge strident and fearless throughout animated breaks and. its throughout the sheer illumination of contrasting instruments, even touching on lush piano lines to drive this engulfing experience further, and further, down the rabbit hole.

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