Friday, 7 December 2018

Felsmann and Tiley present their latest track 'Tempora'

German ambient-synth composers Felsmann + Tiley present their latest and most compelling piece of work to date, Tempora; a uniquely atmospheric twelve part experience with each track encompassing on a month of the year. Covering January throughout December, the brand new LP was released on Thursday, December 6th by the duo's own imprint Rare Ware Co., an entity specifically conceived to boost and encourage other artists who use synthesizers as a sole alternative.

Born Patrick Tiley and Dominik Felsmann, their musical endeavour best known as Felsmann + Tiley collectively share a true passion for film composition, contemporary piano arrangements and experimental electronic music. Inspired by the genre-bent contemporary electronic work of artists and similarly like-minded composers from Nils Frahm to Deadmau5, and Stephan Bodzin to Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, most famously known for their work on the sci-fi TV series Stranger Things. Although difficult to describe in a single statement, their unorthodox blend of classical arrangements, electronic composition and sound design, Felsmann + Tiley's distinctive sound and ethereal music could be best likened to film composers such as Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Ex Machina, Annihilation) or Alexandre Desplat (The Shape of Water) for their ability to create immersive, cinematically engaging walls of sound.

Felsmann + Tiley's latest LP Tempora completely lives up to this notion and exceeds expectation beyond its wildest limits. The album as a whole weighs in like a crushing, cosmic symphony of the future, "January" opens melodically, weaving into sparse and atmospheric walls of bliss, much like "February", arpeggio sections, chimes and herculean bass textures glisten and glide throughout "March", "April" and "May". While "June" throughout "August" shifts through aural twilight; bending siren-esque warnings, delicate heartbeat thumps and celestial swells, all fuse together to create an inescapable hypnotic breach across distant galaxies. "September" and "October" recall blasts of atmosphere, as stars collide and astral dust settles, while "November", mellisonant in nature, summons deepening depths as "December's" haunting ambience serves as an exceptional close to the extraterrestrial curtain of Tempora's undeniable ability to balance the universe in perfect harmony and twin unison.

Stream Tempora LP by Felsmann + Tiley in it's entirety below -

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Created Exclusively From Sounds And Games Of The PS1, Listen To A Music Mix Of 'Playstation Wave'

There's a wave version of almost anything these days. Just look at the popularity of Simpsonswave. Playstationwave is music created using samples and snippets from Playstation 1's games and the console itself. The mix itself is quite haunting in certain aspects and truly captures the emotional nostalgia tied to these games. 

See below for a tracklist of the games used as well as the artists who created the songs around it:
00:00 glimmerxp - ps1 dreams 2001 (playstation)
02:13 jonathan joestar - sniper wolf (metal gear solid)
05:03 bradendj - hydro thunder (hydro thunder)
08:11 shampoogod - maxi (soul caliber)
11:20 flowed - dreams+ (final fantasy)
15:07 psychosis - heartless (kingdom hearts)
19:14 psychosis - xiii (final fantasy)
22:27 shampoogod - akiyama (yakuza)
25:45 k yoshida - dream drift (ridge racer)
29:09 s?ecial k - aya brea (parasite eve)
30:36 jonathan joestar - sagat (street fighter)
33:37 s?ecia k - save room (resident evil)
35:03 naive - dreamer (chrono cross)
37:05 wxxds - kingudamu hatsu (kingdom hearts)
40:19 glimmerxp - ps2 holy grail(playstation)

Listen to 40 minutes of p l a y s at a t i o n w a v e below:
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