Friday, 13 September 2019

Progressive wave music producer Ka Fu returns from the grey with latest release

It’s release day for Ka Fu as he shares his latest single, ‘Good & Grey’ along with a B-side release of ‘Frozen’. We previously featured him as he released ‘Empty Days’. You can read that piece here as we compared his two singles, ‘Where Everything’s Ours’ along with ‘Empty Days’.

All three of these tracks come from the electronic producer’s upcoming LP, Encoding: Master. You can find the tracklist for this upcoming album below. For this particular track, Ka Fu has focussed on bringing progressive wave to light as the concept behind the track is to ‘keep moving forward’. You can hear this in the driving force of the basslines as they come through the speakers.

As Ka Fu says on his Soundcloud page, “From time to time in my life there is a freaking out point - a balance between doing super great and super shit. Basically, it’s like a pause when nothing really disturbs you, yet you know that it could be much better. So this is just “Good & Grey.” “Good & Grey” could be anything: people, places, food, drinks. The point is not to get stuck in “Good & Grey” because then you trade your soul off for comfort. So I use this phrase to kick myself to take the next step.”

Encoding: Master tracklist
01 Hypnotised
02 Opposites ft. Roubs
03 Frozen
04 Empty Days
05 Where Everything’s Ours
06 Opening Window With Sal
07 Good And Grey
08 Jim’s Annihilation
09 Meet You There
10 Being Normal
11 After All

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Oscuro gives the music world a gift with his latest remix track 'Sitting on my Own'

Oscuro emerged in 2014 after winning a Beatport Play contest for Tears For Fears and a subsequent release on Universal - "Pale Shelter" and a subsequent release on Universal. His debut album Can't Stop Now followed in 2015 with singles featured on The Line Of Best Fit, THUMP and's chill imprint.

The follow up to Can't Stop Now was 2016's All In My Mind with singles premiered on EARMILK, CLASH, DISCOBELLE & The Line Of Best Fit. The eponymous single ‘All In My Mind’ was playlisted by Spotify's "Fresh Finds" and “Fresh Finds Basement” and has amassed over 100,000 plays on Spotify.

So far in 2019 Oscuro has released tracks that have found their way onto audiovisual blogs such as Fae Child and features on blogs such as comeherefloyd as well as a slot on the new café del mar chillwave 3 compilation.

‘Sitting on my own’ has an incredibly soothing beat and melodic vocals that will transport you to another stratosphere. The song has been masterfully produced and Oscuro has created a beautiful synergy between the vocals and the beat that can’t be matched.

Oscuro had this to say about his latest remix, "... I wanted to remix my latest track 'Sitting On My Own', the original is an end of summer tune that is uplifting but has hints of sadness. I wanted to take the remix in a direction more in line with my general style, more atmospheric with chillstep influences..."

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Music producer Angel Marcloid returns with genre melting album

We’re going for something a little different this Friday. Every day, Bandcamp features their ‘Album of the Day'. Today, they selected Fire-Toolz, “Field Whispers (Into The Crystal Palace)”. This particular one is unique as it contains a blend of genres not traditionally associated with each other. An “unholy combination of extreme metal, experimental noise, pop, and vaporwave”, the album is what we love in this industry; pure ingenuity. You can listen to the full album here.

They have selected the album highlight “‘✓ BEiNG’ manages to combine New Age tranquility (complete with bird calls) with distorted spoken word, bombastic guitar solos ripped out of a racing game for the Sega Dreamcast, and paint-stripping shrieks.”

The progressive album was created by Angel Marcloid’s Fire-Toolz project.
Angel Marcloid aka Fire-Toolz has produced music via over forty pseudonyms MindSpring Memories, Angelwings Marmalade, Pregnant Spore, Nonlocal Forecast, etc., is an artist from Baltimore, MD, currently living in Chicago, IL, USA. Appearing to be unbound by the genres of music, she dabbles in experimental/noise, new age/jazz fusion/prog, industrial, power electronics, synthwave, second wave emo/screamo, grindcore/powerviolence, ambient, acoustic singer-songwriter, vaporwave/slushwave/plunderphonics, metalcore, and more.

What do you think about the ever-changing genres in the music industry? Are you, as our readers excited to be seeing this kind of development and progress? Let us know in the comments below.

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Monday, 2 September 2019

Synthwave Funk Producer NICOLAAS Reveals The Music Video For ‘Real Escape’

The encapsulating synth-wave funk producer, NICOLAAS has just revealed the music video to his latest and most groovy track ‘Real Escape’, which was directed by the well-known JB Proulx (Charlotte Cardin, Black Queen and Nate Husser) and produced by the amazing Romeo & Fils (Charlotte Cardin, Mark Ronson and Loud). NICOLAAS needs no introduction with his recent tracks and remixes racking up over 191k streams between Youtube and Spotify. You can read our previous feature on his work here.

‘Real Escape’ is a song of pure genius as it will leave you grooving and dancing your night away.  This immensely groovy song is given light with NICOLAAS' new music video where the dancer is cleverly shown making his way through a surprisingly quiet city which allows him the freedom of expression that is encouraged within the energy of the track. The track seems to take over the dancers body in the video. The editing is skillfully done, with the boundaries of the shoot pushed and manipulated to the dancers will. The opening shot seems as if lifted from an Instagram story, with the screen opening out to become a full video. The synergy between the song and the video is just incredible.

Director JB Proulx had the following to say about the vibrant track, “‘Real Escape’, for me, was about making the ordinary extraordinary. The song's infectious energy just makes you want to let loose. I wanted to show that regardless of the mundanity of everyday life situations, you can take control and decide at any moment to have a real escape. Our character’s commute to the metro, which could be an ordinary walk, turns into an epic dance performance to demonstrate this concept.”

When talking to the artist about the music video and what it means to him, he had this to say, “I've been fascinated with dance videos lately, and since shifting gears with this new project I've been looking for a way to incorporate dance into the visual identity. Real Escape just felt like the perfect track to do this. I reached out to Martin at R&F with very broad strokes of an idea, and he came back overnight with a fully flushed-out, perfectly tailored concept. He instantly thought of J. Style and showed me some of his videos. It was obvious he embodied the necessary 'je ne sais quoi' to carry the concept, and JB and the rest of the production team took all of these pieces and made this moment into something memorable. I hope you enjoy it!”


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TR/ST shares a new track titled "Iris"

It has been five years since TR/ST released 2014’s Joyland. In an industry that prioritizes constant momentum, taking time to slow down and focus on the creative process could pose a risk of losing audiences, but for his third album, Robert Alfons challenged himself to remain patient and careful; dedicated to both healing himself and ensuring that he was delivering his most cohesive work. Now, 2019 is poised to be the most momentous year yet, and he’s just starting to see the excitement unfurl.

In April, TR/ST released Part 1 of The Destroyer, a double-album in two parts, and embarked on a North American/European tour in the spring. Any doubts regarding the project’s reach were quickly relieved after a sold out tour including shows in New York, LA, London, Berlin, two nights in Paris and Mexico City, among others. “The level of fan enthusiasm and the intensity of their love at shows was much grander than I expected. And that really surprised and moved me,” Alfons says. Now gearing up for a second US/international tour in the fall, in anticipation of the release of The Destroyer - Part 2 in November, Alfons is excited to share his slow growth in full bloom: playing bigger venues, attracting new listeners, showing his evolving sound, “I think touring the first part of this record revived the thrill in the whole process of sharing music and touring, because of the love and response from the fans who buy tickets to come spend an evening with us.”

TR/ST is a shapeshifting project with Robert Alfons as the core. It began as a duo with Maya Postepski in Toronto, and together they released the critically-acclaimed TRST in 2012. Following her departure from the group to focus on her solo project Princess Century, Alfons reconfigured TR/ST as a solo effort and released the effervescent Joyland in 2014, shortly after relocating to Los Angeles, where he currently resides.

Five years later, Postepski rejoins Alfons to co-write and co-produce on the closing track “Slow Burn,” as well as five tracks from Part 1. On the creative team for this album is Lars Stalford (HEALTH, Alice Glass), who co-produced and mixed “Enduring Chill”, “cor” and “Shame”. Additional production and mixing on “Iris”, “Darling”, “Destroyer” and “The Stain” was provided by Damian Taylor (The Prodigy, Björk), bringing an energetic polish to The Destroyer’s smouldering dynamism.

While TR/ST is known for their signature darkwave synth music that often conjures visuals of sinister subterranean afterhours in the minds of reviewers, it is their expansive nuance, versatility and vulnerability that keeps fans connected to the band. Each album has taken a risk; TRST: dark queer kinky intimate electronic, Joyland: bright poppy ecstatic dance music, The Destroyer: more industrial and more ambient than ever before.

In each case, TR/ST is not afraid to break the mold preceding it, to venture beyond expectations and take listeners on an exciting sonic adventure. This exhilarating unpredictability is present in tracks like gargantuan menace “Colossal” and frenetic chain reactor “Unbleached” on Part 1 of The Destroyer, which Alfons describes as “intense and promiscuous.” Exclaim magazine calls Part 1, “slick, understated, and more spacious than their counterparts on previous releases”.

Now on the cusp of releasing Part 2 (due November 1, 2019), Alfons reflects on his greatest creative risk to date. For a project that has established itself with a gritty, pulsing sound, Part 2 will show the delicate underbelly of the beast, as well as unearthing more earnest and glistening pop songs than we have previously heard. The temporal shift in Part 2 is an entrancing and tender companion to Part 1’s searing industrial drive. “I think I took so many more risks sonically and emotionally on Part 2 of this record, for that reason this release has much more importance to me. I’ve spent much of the past five years writing and re-working these songs to get them to the state they are in” Alfons says.

The strength of Alfons’ songwriting is how fluidly he interweaves multifaceted polarities. The hard-edged rippling bass tethered to soaring transcendent melody in “Iris” reminds us that in celebration there are times of mourning, there is a gravitas to every bliss, these feelings can and do coexist in an infinite tangle of longing. “Iris was the first song written for this record, directly after all the touring for the second record finished. But it also really captures and sums up most of the recurring themes that are present in this album.”

For The Destroyer, the central theme that Alfons explores is the deconstruction of shame, expressed in soundscapes of raging machinisms to simpering quiet, and lyrically introspective, “I think the biggest reason it took five years to write and rework so much material, is that I finally had to confront these feelings of shame that I had somehow been able to push aside for so many years, which explains why the album is so tumultuous” Alfons shares.

On “Destroyer”, the title track for the album, Alfons sings “I’m the destroyer / of everyone”, which shows the paradox of feeling in a path of destruction while being in the most creatively productive part of his career. The wistful melody launches off of the bombastic rhythm to burst and cascade, like the embers of fireworks falling into the night. In a time of impending automation, TR/ST’s music encapsulates the erratic conflicts of the human soul. This emotional complexity is what keeps their discography relevant over many years, and their fans closely engaged. Alfons delivers a hypnotic journey, timeless nostalgia, to a resonant place of feeling that bears returning.

TR/ST will release The Destroyer - Part 2 on November 1st 2019, coinciding with a North American and European tour in the fall.

Tour Dates
28 Sept Mexico City, MX - CMD_F

31 Oct San Diego, CA -The Observatory North Park

1 Nov Los Angeles, CA - The Novo

3 Nov Denver, CO - Summit Music Hall

4 Nov Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf

6 Nov San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger

8 Nov Houston,TX - White Oak Music Hall Downstairs

9 Nov Austin, TX - Levitation

11 Nov Atlanta, GA - Terminal West

12 Nov Durham, NC -  Motorco Music Hall

13 Nov Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

15 Nov Maspeth, NY - Knockdown Center


20 Nov London - Heaven

21 Nov Brussels - Botanique

23 Nov Bern - Saint Ghetto

24 Nov Paris - Le Trianon

26 Nov Amsterdam - Paradiso Noord

Tracklisting: The Destroyer - 2
1. The Enduring Chill
2. Iris
3. Darling
4. Cor
5. Destroyer
6. Shame
7. The Stain
8. This Slow

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Latest synth-wave track released by Milan based music producer, Ka Fu

Experimental Russian producer, Ka Fu has announced his first album, Encoding: Master LP due to be released in early October. Ahead of this upcoming album, he has released the single, ‘Where Everything’s Ours’ followed by his most recent release, ‘Empty Days’.

"The bass trips along underneath the crackling mix of synth pad hits, each rhythmic snap echoing deeper into the ambient tunnel Ka Fu digs out. If Rival Consoles sitting alongside Brian Eno sounds like your idea of a super-date, check out ‘Where Everything’s Ours‘, you could just be in for a treat." Clunk Magazine on 'Where Everything's Ours'.

Turn Up The Volume praised ‘Empty Days’, “Its rhythmic vibrations and bass loaded beats will activate every single nerve in your itchy body while its underlying ambient foundation will stimulate your mind’s fantasy. Riveting achievement.”

The two singles represent very different aspects of wave music with ‘Where Everything’s Ours’ is treated with a touch from the ’80s with silky synths and a smooth melody, the perfect track to start the night off or end it, depending on the tone of the evening. ‘Empty Days’, on the other hand, receives a 90’s touch with a modern twist.

You can listen and compare the two tracks yourself below.

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Friday, 16 August 2019

Marc Houle announce the release of new single and remix

Release Date: Single on 27th of September , Remixes on 25th of October 2019.
Items & Things delivers a dark new club journey with Marc Houle’s ‘You Go Out’,
alongside two remixes from Parisian local Beige and techno-titan Magdalena.
Marc’s original inspires a dark Synthwave mood with a hauntingly simple and
effective vocal line to bring the whole atmosphere together. Magdalena smooths the
track out just enough to give a steady drip of energy throughout. After nearly two
decades in the scene and recent major releases on like ‘Underwater’ and
‘Monarchfalter’ on PZRecords and Leena Music (respectively), the German artist
beautifully demonstrates her skills to shows us what is possible when working with a
deep groove and plenty atmosphere – she knows exactly what she’s doing and it
shows. On the other side, Nice-born artist Beige brings a brilliantly original left-field
vibe to his remix. With a raw grit and classic techno prowess, the relative newcomer
lays layers to create a hypnotic energy he’s already come to be known for. His work
on the vocals bring another dimension into the already funk-ish energy, rounding off
the entire release in a fantastic way.

1. Marc Houle - You go out
2. Marc Houle - You go out (Magdalena remix)
3. Marc Houle - You go out (Beige remix)

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Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Tune in: Retro Synthwave curate 80's inspired playlist 'Stranger Kids'

Wave aficionado's Retro Synthwave have put together an 80's inspired playlist - Stranger Kids. It features classics from Stranger Things, The Neverending Story & Ça, Le Film, Dance with the dead, Trevor Something, Futurecop!, Gunship, Power Glove, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Nik Kershaw and Billy Idol.

Retro Synthwave is a website dedicated to Synthwave (Retrowave or Outrun) and the aesthetics and visuals that are associated with it. The site features movies, series and video games inspired by the 80s.

Nostalgia reigns supreme on this playlist, a must listen for anyone with a love of this particular era. Thanks go out to Space Master. Tune in below:

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Friday, 2 August 2019

Kareful + Verasect collaborate for ‘Tragedy (Kareful Remix)’

London-based producer Kareful has stepped up to the remix plate on Verasect's ‘Tragedy (Kareful Remix)’ - out on Terminal Blue Records. The track is the first single to be lifted from Verasect’s upcoming EP, Awakenings which will include remixes from artists such as the late Øfdream, Kareful, Dobie and Blood Wolf.

The two collaborators make for an interesting combination. Kareful adds a an uplifting spin onto a track that straddles the line of darkwave. Verasect's use of female vocals in idiosyncratic in it's own right, and the producer has his own way of injection moodiness into a track.

We're hoping to see alot more from these two together in the future.

Kareful speaks to us about his inspiration surrounding the remix, “I was very inspired by the vocals on ‘Tragedy’ and decided I’d focus on trying to add my own spin on them. The beat came together once I layered a few ethereal melodies, I was unsure where to take the track next. I’ve been producing mostly ‘club’ tracks for a while so was tempted to create another banger, but after a while, the track ended up writing itself, it turned into more of a song! Once I showed it to a couple of friends, and got some great feedback, I knew it was finished.”

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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Denise Rabe new EP 'Manifesto' to be released

Firmly entrenched in techno’s haziest alcoves, every new record from Denise Rabe is as punishingly hypnotic an experience as it aims to penetrate the deepest laid of your cerebral zones. Having plied her trade on Arts’ sub-division Arts Collective before moving on to establish her own dedicated label, Rabe, in 2017, the Berlin-based DJ and producer steps up with her much anticipated debut platter for Stroboscopic Artefacts, as she takes the helm for the fifth sortie of the Totem series. True to her love for all things droney and psychoactive, this time Rabe has us descending into rugged, hostile sonic terrains with just a headlamp and the thick mantle of darkness for closest companions. Ahead’s a demented safari across nightmare-prone visions and thunderstruck vistas.

Hosing off the loud, churning 909 kicks and passive-aggressive machine talk straightaway, ‘Manifesto’ sets the tone for the warehouse-sized hammering to come. Evil-minded swashes of hyper-delayed percs and criss-crossing chimes lash out in successive waves, further subjugating the dancers as bars fly by. A more spacious and atmospheric number, B-side opener ‘Clouds’ heads for quieter high- altitude spheres as the dubbed-out drums beat an off-kilter, leftfield friendly pulse and ominous synth stabs and pads envelop the listener in entrancing textural folds and interplays. Back to floor-ready dynamics, the adrenaline booster ‘Don’t Leave’ caps it off on a truly mind-bending tip. Primed for unrelenting peak time action with its angry buzzard-like drones, pacey 4/4 swing and refined palette of eerie circuit noises and click-y minimalism,this one’s a high-impact steamroller, sure to get maximum response when things start getting muscular.

Denise Rabe's new track 'Manifesto' is to be released on August 23rd, 2019, but in the meantime listen to one of her many other tracks

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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Lucy Mason's 'Runway (NICOLAAS Remix) is pure 80's synth nostalgia

Dream-pop songstress Lucy Mason has drafted NICOLAAS for a remix of her track 'Runway.'
The synthy, retrowave offering is reminiscent of 80's perms and shoulder-pads, nostalgic at every turn.

Mason and NICOLAAS worked together recently on his track ‘No Stranger Thing (feat Lucy Mason)' and the duo obviously make for a great collaboration -  the track received support from popular Youtube channel Mr Revillz, synth-wave aficionado’s New Retro Wave, and went on to reach Hype Machine #1.

Speaking of the track Lucy says: "I have always loved working alongside Rob (NICOLAAS) and although we've never met in person we seem to completely understand each other musically. I am in love with his remix of 'Runway' and I've always felt so lucky to be able to work together. I'm looking forward to whatever we create next!"

‘Runway’ on Spotify - Apple Music

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Wednesday, 26 June 2019

An interview with the dark Monomorte on his track 'Heart'

Monomorte is the moniker of UK electronic music producer Danny Ryder, who has been
forging a distinctive ritualistic and atmospheric sound rooted in witch-house with strong
darkwave, post-industrial and trip-hop influences bleeding through.

His track ‘Heart’ was premiered by The Playground on the 5th of June. It is a mellow offering inspired by the atmosphere of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks with a post-witchhouse flavour.

Get to know the artist through the interview below and be sure to follow the links at the end to hear more of Monomorte’s music.

Hello there, how are you and what are you up to today?

Pretty good, mostly doing programming and maybe get some sun later if I'm lucky.

How long have you been producing? What inspired you to start?

On and off for about 25+ years, it was mostly watching music videos of Gary Numan, Jean-Michel Jarre & 90s dance bands that inspired me to start making music, back on the
Commodore Amiga, but i also played piano (badly) as a child anyway. so it's in the blood I

Are there any key pieces of equipment that you are using to define your sound?

I like to keep a minimalist setup, so 90% of my sounds come from the Kurzweil PC3K,
hands down the best synth I've owned, although it's just been joined by the new Waldorf
Quantum, which is great for mangling samples. I also use 'Maschine' for drums and
that's literally everything. No soft synths, no analogs, no hassle...

What do you keep close by while you’re working?

The studio essentials, various manuals and a coffee machine...

Outside of the world of music, where do you draw inspiration from and how does it filter into your sound?

I'm inspired by the classic horror movies and the occult, mix it up with a little discordia
then see where it takes me. the most inspiring things for me are usually just weird
sounds and then I just build everything around it as I go along. Happy accidents!

Which artists have had the greatest impact on your creative outlook?

I think Thom Yorke is amazing, always fearless in everything he puts out. Also, the KLF deserve a mention because they created a whole mythos around the
music they made...

Could you mention some overlooked artists that we should all be keeping an eye out

So many to choose, but for starters - George Clanton, SØLVE, Moris Blak and we
have a ghost.

Do you have any information regarding upcoming releases, projects or gigs in the
pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

I have some collaborations and remixes in progress, plus another new heavier project I'm
working on but nothing I can reveal...yet!

Famous last words?

Keep it dark.


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Friday, 17 May 2019

Rich Aucoin Takes You On a Musical Journey With His New Album 'Release'

Award-winning electronic musician, Rich Aucoin, has released his album entitled Release on 17 May and I’m hard-pressed to find an album I’ve been more excited for than this one (and that includes the new Rammstein album).

Aucoin has a string of accomplishments in his wake, including a Prism Prize in 2013, (which he’s also been shortlisted for again this year) and nominations for ten East Coast Music Awards including Album, Song and Fan Choice Entertainer of the Year. He is a strong campaigner for social issues and has been involved with Childhood Cancer Canada and The Canadian Mental Health Association/Mental Health America. He has also crossed Canada for the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation running a series of half-marathons.

Speaking of ‘Release’ Aucoin explains: “This is an album about death and about the foundations of our beliefs on the universe and how they help us cope with the knowledge of our mortality. The record is an alternate soundtrack to Alice In Wonderland (1951) and follows Alice as she descends into those beliefs never to leave her wonderland in the same way our beliefs give us the comfort to release our fighting of the inevitable. It was originally to be called Death Release and is largely based around the work of psychologist Ernest Becker's Denial of Death and his students' follow-up The Worm At The Core and terror management theory. It was recorded in 16 studios across Canada, US and UK with 51 musicians on it and houses church organs, analogue synths, theremins, string and horn sections and strong guest vocalists.”

Listen to Rich Aucoin Release here.

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Midnight Releases yet Another Masterpiece Track with ‘America Online’

You’d be hard-pressed to find a track by The Midnight that wasn’t just an absolute pleasure to listen to… unless of course, you’re not into synth-wave. In which case, what are you doing here and why do you think your opinion on the subject even counts?

The duo released their track ‘America Online’ on 2 May and just proved that they refuse to relinquish expression to fear. It is a chilled and yet chilling track with that call to be repeated over and over until you’re no longer sure how many times you’ve listened to it in a row.

‘America Online’ is a look at the creation of the internet and that power being given to the public. The interactions, questions and mysteries that have come with it. 

Listen to The Midnight ‘America Online’ here.

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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Uppermost's 'Uppwind On Air' dips into Wave waters

Dynamic French electronic producer, Uppermost has released a 16-track compilation album, Uppwind on Air on the 8th March via his own imprint, Uppwind Records.  Deep and emotional wave cuts can be expected from  Howle’s ‘Phase’, ‘Patience’, ‘Only Up’, and ‘Oath’ and the compilation sees two brand new official remixes by legendary french-touch producers Digitalism and nu-disco artist Satin Jackets.  A selection of tracks from the likes of Elder Island, Mesita, Last Island and many more, as well as a new unreleased song from Uppermost himself, complete what looks set to be a compilation of broad genres and careful curation.

Founded in 2011, Uppwind Records was an opportunity for Behdad Nejatbakhshe (Uppermost) to share music that he truly believed in, free from the shackles of the financial gain that large parts of the industry are based on. Never separating the art from “the truth that brought it to life”, Uppwind Records provides a space for artists to enjoy true artistic freedom.  “I am happy and proud to put out the label's very first compilation. I've always been looking for ways to showcase the work of talented and passionate people through an independent brand that focuses on quality rather than quantity" he says.

Although the compilation encompasses a broad spectrum of genres, it is refreshing to find a synthwave and wave element shining through, amongst tracks that that walk on the side of ambient, house, nu-disco, French Touch, funk, and a drop of liquid drum and bass.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

Beau Releases His Exclusive Music Mix Of Rave, Trap and Hip Hop

UK Wave producer Will Middlemiss, AKA Beau released an exclusive mix with The Playground on 1 March and while it holds elements of rave, trap and even hip hop, for the wave community it is quite sensational. Born and raised in Kent, the 20 year old tells of how he prefers to work at night and especially after rainy weather. 

It definitely comes through in his music with its dark aura and ever-present air of mystery. Following that, 3 March marks yet another release entitled ‘Vengeance’ and does not fail to deliver on that fresh hell we as wave fans tend to really delight in. 

Listen to the mix here.

Listen to 'Vengeance' here.

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