Wednesday, 20 February 2019

If Sound Could Be Touched, Klimeks Cassette Mysteria Would Feel Like Velvet

Not much is known about the artist formerly known as Klimeks, other than that he hails from the UK and is a Wavemob signee. Nevertheless, when it comes to wave music, the man seems to be making quite the impact in this niche genre with the 31 January release of his new cassette rightfully entitled Mysteria

Featuring 8 tracks in total, of which the most popular single seems to be a track named ‘Beachaus’ incorporates a smooth jazzy guitar sound, giving new depth not only to the song but to this ever evolving genre. After listening to the album in its entirety carries on in that same vein, offering up a slow stir of all the layers of electronics till your left with an amalgamation better than your favourite drug.

Listen to 'beachaus' here:


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