Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Uppermost's 'Uppwind On Air' dips into Wave waters

Dynamic French electronic producer, Uppermost has released a 16-track compilation album, Uppwind on Air on the 8th March via his own imprint, Uppwind Records.  Deep and emotional wave cuts can be expected from  Howle’s ‘Phase’, ‘Patience’, ‘Only Up’, and ‘Oath’ and the compilation sees two brand new official remixes by legendary french-touch producers Digitalism and nu-disco artist Satin Jackets.  A selection of tracks from the likes of Elder Island, Mesita, Last Island and many more, as well as a new unreleased song from Uppermost himself, complete what looks set to be a compilation of broad genres and careful curation.

Founded in 2011, Uppwind Records was an opportunity for Behdad Nejatbakhshe (Uppermost) to share music that he truly believed in, free from the shackles of the financial gain that large parts of the industry are based on. Never separating the art from “the truth that brought it to life”, Uppwind Records provides a space for artists to enjoy true artistic freedom.  “I am happy and proud to put out the label's very first compilation. I've always been looking for ways to showcase the work of talented and passionate people through an independent brand that focuses on quality rather than quantity" he says.

Although the compilation encompasses a broad spectrum of genres, it is refreshing to find a synthwave and wave element shining through, amongst tracks that that walk on the side of ambient, house, nu-disco, French Touch, funk, and a drop of liquid drum and bass.

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Monday, 4 March 2019

Beau Releases His Exclusive Music Mix Of Rave, Trap and Hip Hop

UK Wave producer Will Middlemiss, AKA Beau released an exclusive mix with The Playground on 1 March and while it holds elements of rave, trap and even hip hop, for the wave community it is quite sensational. Born and raised in Kent, the 20 year old tells of how he prefers to work at night and especially after rainy weather. 

It definitely comes through in his music with its dark aura and ever-present air of mystery. Following that, 3 March marks yet another release entitled ‘Vengeance’ and does not fail to deliver on that fresh hell we as wave fans tend to really delight in. 

Listen to the mix here.

Listen to 'Vengeance' here.

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