Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Australian electronic experimental band Big Yawn shares a new song ‘Skin Rat’

Melbourne, Australia electronic experimental quartet Big Yawn are pleased to announce that they will release their debut album “No!” on 6th March 2020 via Australian independent record label Research Records (Damo Suzuki Network, Mildlife, Swazi Gold).

Lead single ‘Skin Rat’ is out now and available to stream via all good digital service providers, accompanied by an official animated video directed by Benjamin Portis.

The group’s freshest effort captures the band performing live in the studio, and it's typical Big Yawn: fat and punchy low-end bass, drums and live drum processing, delay FX samples, and thick syrupy synths—'Skin Rat' is a hyperbolically dubbed-out, tongue-in-cheek, magnetic blend of UK garage, footwork and breaks.

Commenting on their approach to making music together, the band say: “It’s 4 guys in a room toying with instruments, trying to make music that causes our heads to bob up and down, to perspire. ‘No!’ is a term frequently employed in the studio the louder, the looser, the more laconic it’s said, the bigger a laugh it gets. The joke is that NO actually means a yes it’s a breaking ball Type B expression of camaraderie, a refusal to take shit super serious like.”

Primarily rooted in a live performance approach, the Melbourne quartet embraces sonic curios from far-flung corners of the globe and display them with pride. Affectations for vintage krautrock, esoteric percussion, and experiments in steady dance grooves merge with heavy low-end frequencies to ‘explore and exploit’ those in-between spaces.

Championing a hybrid vision of cross-genre harmony, their music manages to capture the sweaty spirit of DIY basement shows as much as it works on record. Encompassing disorientating dub FX, off-kilter synth squelches and live re-sampling, their stoned meanderings mix with grinding propulsion.

The band’s multiple facets fluctuate neatly across forthcoming debut full length “No!”, as the band explain of its creation: “ “No!” is the sum of its parts—it was two years of writing, recording, jamming, mixing and playing shows. It’s our own spin on the genres and styles that have parented and companioned our outside work downtime. It was many more years of just being friends and informal collaborators, sharing music and how-to’s.”

Acting as a gateway to their sound, subtle dub techno delays combine with live drums on opener ‘Attaboi’ to formally introduce their clear affectation for the motorik sounds of 70s Deutschland. Lead single ‘Skin Rat’ curiously references off-rhythms and vocal cut-ups a la late naughties UK bass music, while abstract jams such as ‘For Whomst’ channel the adventurous live-and-direct sound of Golden Teacher and kindred experimentalist Inga Copeland.

Heavy low-end bass frequencies and twitches of dub FX permeate the LP, with shades of post-punk and loopy minimal wave ‘Doodle Damage’ contrasting with the more jagged dance-orientated moments. In opting to close “No!” with their most expansive recording to date in the form of ‘Body Double’, Big Yawn delve deeper into tense and ritualistic atmospheres that prior tracks only hint at.

The effect seems akin to a snapshot into their lengthy freestyle practice sessions—a process honed and refined here for the LP format. Until their next outing, the relentless groove of ‘Anthem X’ will keep hips swaying during those sweaty early morning club hours.

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Sorena releases an electric new song, ‘You Lose’

Emerging Canadian/Iranian producer Sorena delivers a bouncy electro release ‘You Lose’, for his debut single on Central Station Records. The track brings together a pulsating bassline with playful synths and an infectious vocal. Lyrically, the new single focuses on how it is important not to get hung up on the small issues in life - life is too short.

Sorena discusses the moment that inspired the record; “I wrote ‘You Lose’ late on a Friday night. My ex had just recently left me and I was reflecting on my life and everything I’ve gone through over the last few years. It was a stream of consciousness type of moment, but the message I wanted to convey came out clear as day: Life is too short, and it can end at any moment. Don’t waste it being hung up on anyone or anything other than yourself.”

Producing music in the background for many years, it was not until Sorena experienced a near-fatal motorcycle accident, that he decided to start releasing his own music into the world - following his life-long dream. Working with Canadian up and comer CJ Flemings in his formative years, Sorena, is now fully focussed on his solo project with ‘You Lose’ being his fourth original release to date. Creating French-inspired house music with futuristic energy, Sorena has garnered over 600k streams as well as receiving support from global tastemaker outlet Complex, premiering his debut single 'Janö'. Having worked with various producers over the years, Sorena began making beats with fellow Canadian producer DRTWRK - one of which was used by Travis Scott and Lil’ Wayne for their 2018 hit single ‘Let It Fly’, amassing over 100 million streams across platforms.

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Thursday, 16 January 2020

We Dream Aloud EP is the retro wave to carry you through 2020

There are few names known more on the synthwave scene than New Retro Wave. A company that has its fingers in a tastemaker youtube channel while simultaneously running a successful webzine. The man behind the company is non-other than DJ Ten, a retro synthwave producer in his own right.

DJ Ten has released his new EP, We Dream Aloud via TenStars. The EP takes spacey synths paired with magnetic percussion and launches its listeners back into the ’80s. Featuring popular artists such as Immortal Girlfriend, Jessie Frye, By An Ion and Lost Nights, the EP marks itself as one for the (music) history books.

Sharing a little about the EP, DJ Ten tells us, “Our bodies may grow old, but our spirit does not. We Dream Aloud and Live Forever. We Dream Aloud is a retrowave EP that focuses on the nostalgia and uplifting feeling of remembering our childhoods.”

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International Art Collective IMMINENT’s ARCADIA music festival is coming in March, 2020

Independent record label and ever-growing international art collective IMMINENT are gearing up for their ARCADIA 2020 festival in Russia - what will definitely be one of the most exciting showcases of experimental electronic and wave music talent to come together under one roof.

The collective has already dropped a teaser trailer for the event featuring the names of such heavy-hitters as Skeler, Vacant, Barnacle Boi, Lorn, Kamandi, Shlomo, Azaleh, Juche, Sibewest, Klimeks, WEVLTH, KOSIKK and CHVRN, to name but a few.

March 6th will see the event kick-off in Saint Petersburg, while Moscow will host the 2nd leg on the 7th of March.

“A new decade is coming, and with it a new page in the history of mankind. The era of neon, the violet flame, the rhythmic synergy of technology and art is being reborn. The era of Arcadia begins.

Only for one night will you fully discover the aesthetics of sensual and progressive cyberpunk. Become part of an event similar to the birth of a supernova. Arcadia will shine with all its colors only for those who manage to find themselves in the epicenter.”

It is sure to be nothing short of mind-blowing...

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Monday, 13 January 2020

Los Angeles duo More Ephemerol releases a new song ‘Obituary Templates’

Los Angeles synth act More Ephemerol consists of members of Sea Fjerstad and Tamara Sky. Though the project has one previously released LP, "Fractal Bath", featuring an array of experimental compositions by Sea, the new material ditches all digital instruments and adds the voice and presence of Sky to the equation, establishing More Ephemerol as a strictly analogue synth duo. The fresh approach delivers a newly focused sound inspired by the likes of proto-new wave/minimal wave favourites such as Experimental Products, The Modern Mannequins, Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, and early Human League.

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