Thursday, 16 January 2020

We Dream Aloud EP is the retro wave to carry you through 2020

There are few names known more on the synthwave scene than New Retro Wave. A company that has its fingers in a tastemaker youtube channel while simultaneously running a successful webzine. The man behind the company is non-other than DJ Ten, a retro synthwave producer in his own right.

DJ Ten has released his new EP, We Dream Aloud via TenStars. The EP takes spacey synths paired with magnetic percussion and launches its listeners back into the ’80s. Featuring popular artists such as Immortal Girlfriend, Jessie Frye, By An Ion and Lost Nights, the EP marks itself as one for the (music) history books.

Sharing a little about the EP, DJ Ten tells us, “Our bodies may grow old, but our spirit does not. We Dream Aloud and Live Forever. We Dream Aloud is a retrowave EP that focuses on the nostalgia and uplifting feeling of remembering our childhoods.”

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