Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Sofi Tukker shares a new version of 'Swing' feat. Allday

Sofi Tukker is kicking off 2020 by sharing a new version of their single ‘Swing’ from their “Dancing On the People” EP which features Australian rapper Allday. The MC, who has had a string of three top ten albums in his native Australia, brings an escalating flow on the verge of combusting over the song’s dramatic strings and ominous chant adapted from Brazilian poet Chacal.

The group says of the collaboration, “You never know when you release a song where it will connect. Australia really embraced our song ‘Swing’, which we never would have expected from a song sung entirely in Portuguese. So we wanted to make a special version of the song with one of the favourite Australian artists, Allday. We got to perform this version of the song together in LA and it felt soooo good. We are SO EXCITED that it’s finally out in the world!”. Allday adds, "I heard this song at a festival and was like “wow, what is this?” then a couple of weeks later I met Sophie and Tucker and they asked me to rap on it. I said “yes please.”

Sofi Tukker is devastated by the fires in Australia and urge everyone to help in whatever way they can. They are making donations to the NSW Rural Fire Service and the Australian Red Cross and encourage others to consider doing the same.

Sofi Tukker will appear on the soundtrack to the forthcoming Warner Brothers film Birds of Prey. The group has contributed an as-yet-unreleased song ‘Feeling Good’. The soundtrack also features Normani, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat and Halsey. Birds of Prey is in theatres February 7th.

Sofi Tukker ended 2019 by sharing the video for ‘Purple Hat’. The single is exemplary of what made the world fall in love with the duo and is a joyous paean to community and letting your freak flag fly complete with a monster riff and playfully adventurous production. ‘Purple Hat’ was born out of Sofi Tukker's Animal Talk parties, so it only made sense to go back to where things started for the music video.

The clip was directed by Charles Todd, who also filmed the videos for ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Swing’, ‘Purple Hat’ is for the fans and of the fans. Filmed at Sofi Tukker's sold-out New York City homecoming show at Avant Gardner last fall, the clip shows concert attendees arriving in their best cheetah print and purple hat gear, intermixed with performance and crowd shots. The music video gives full-bodied meaning to ‘Purple Hat's’ repeating line (and Sofi Tukker's EP name) "dancing on the people" as we see the camera pan over a sea of fans getting loose.

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Experimental music producer Andrea Laudante announces new album “Banat Banat Ban Jai”

“Banat Banat Ban Jai” is a diary of a journey through sound and listening, as a form of meditation. Listening carefully to every kind of sound in different places and with several methods gave Andrea Laudante a new perception of the world around and inside him. In this work, these two worlds melt into each other and become one.

The only subject is sound and its origin, in all its forms. The focus of the research is looking for common ground between concrete and instrumental music.

“There is no difference between the sound that comes from a guitar and the sound that comes from the wind blowing through the leaves if we know how to listen.” says Laudante.

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Das Mörtal releases new song ‘The Void’ in celebration of Imbolc

Cristobal Cortes, better known as Das Mörtal is a Canadian synthwave musician. He gained popularity with his album Hotline Miami ll which has been streamed over eight million times.

While staying and working in Berlin for two years, the artist produced horror film scores for films such as Naissance d’un Zombie and Deadcon. His work on these projects led to more Shazam searches on the artist.

Cristobal released his latest single ‘The Void’ on 31 January 2020 to toast the Pagan celebration Imbolc. His music is inspired by German techno, horror and sci-fi soundtracks. ‘The Void’ features Cristobal’s pulsating and malevolent soundscapes which leave chills down your spine, as well as you ending up on the dance floor spellbound.

The artist elaborates "The Void" is a call back to 90's techno, taking inspiration from goth culture and the cosmic horror of H.P. Lovecraft.”

He has toured with Perturbator and is set to tour with Dance With The Dead and Magic Sword. His Europe tour begins in the middle of this month, February 2020. He is booked for 13 shows, thereafter he is headed to North America for 25 shows.

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